Good for People.Good for the Planet.

While we may not all be tree-hugging health nuts, we do strive to be as healthful and sustainable as possible in everything we do. It’s better for us, better for Earth and just plain better all around.

From our fresh, organic ingredients to our eco-friendly packaging, we spare no expense serving up wholesome, nourishing foods that protect the mother of all mothers, Mother Nature. After all, so much of life is about making a positive difference in the world, and we decided our favorite way to do this is with food.

All of our containers are fully recyclable and easily reusable for storing leftovers. They’re made with #5 polypropylene, which is a non-leaching, non-BPA, non-phthalate plastic that enables us to create thinner containers for less waste. We are constantly evaluating new packaging alternatives to go even greener.

Fresh is best. We believe that food is the yummiest in its freshest, realest form. That means no preservatives and making fresh, never frozen products, just like you would make at home. Find us in the refrigerated deli section of your local grocer. Together we can kick the can!

We believe everyone deserves access to delicious, organic food, so we’re proud to serve up the good stuff and help feed those in need. Boulder Organic! donates 2% of our fresh soup to the Community Food Share and other non-profits in the Boulder area. All together, we helped provide 35,000 lbs of soup which gave 70,000 meals!

We put serious thought into our recipes, and we don’t take ingredient selection lightly. First, everything is organic. We choose chicken that is certified humane and organic. Our chickens have been raised with care in a free-range environment and given only organic vegetarian feed. When it comes to our veggies, we choose fresh, whole, regionally grown produce whenever possible.

We go through tons of veggies, which means waste from prep and packaging. At Boulder Organic, we work with the local experts at Eco-Cycle to compost all of our organic waste and responsibly recycle the packaging that our ingredients come in. In 2017, we diverted 88% of our waste in compost and recycling. 2,576 gallons of gasoline, 147 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and 56,661 lbs of harmful substances emitted were saved in doing so.

We believe in organic because not only does buying organic produce reduce our exposure to harsh pesticides, but it also greatly improves the working and living environments for farm workers. Organic practices help keep our water supply clean of run-off from toxic and persistent chemicals. Even better, there are no antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones in our organic chicken! Don’t forget – added bonus – all of our soups are certified gluten-free.