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Welcome to the home of garden-fresh ingredients galore and bountiful passion for all things organic and gluten-free. Some may call our love of nutritious, fresh soup an obsession, but around here we just call it delicious business as usual.

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Hands down the best soup ever!

Laura S

One of the best soups I’ve ever had from a supermarket

Phil L.

OMG! The Green Chili Corn Chowder is to D-I-E for!!

Emily P.

This soup is as good as mine!  What a treat when I had no clue what I was having for lunch today.

Kris M.

I picked up the Potato Leek, and to my delight, it is made with veggie base!  I brought it back to the office, and, I have to thank you!  This soup is as good as mine!  What a treat when I had no clue what I was having for lunch today.

Kris M.

Your soups are the best and when I get home late in the winter they are a wonder. Such care and superb taste. Thank you!

Dian B.

I’ve been buying the Red Lentil Dahl soup at Whole Foods Aventura, FL. I purchase 8-10 at one time, and my entire family loves it!

Irene S.

I LOVE your Red Lentil Dahl Soup. I live in New York and have found your product on Whole Foods shelves.

Kathleen M.

Your corn chowder is awesome.

Carol M.

I’ve been sharing my new found love with my athlete friends.  I think your soup is a super solution for those of us needing quick meals that are not processed!


Thank you for making an all-natural, organic, gluten-free product I can just pop in the microwave after a long day at work.  The soups are simply divine!


My two year old is a very picky eater and ate the squash soup for dinner Friday and the soup with the tofu and ginger on Saturday.  We are saving the potato soup for the cold front this week.  🙂

Virginia P.

Your soups truly are the best, in so many ways — taste, quality of ingredients, packaging. You’ve created a fantastic business of the most luscious food.

Myrna C.

I had the chance to taste some of your soups at the Gluten Free Fair this past year and my family loved them!


We sell your soup through our company and I must say THATS SOME GOOD SOUP!

John C.

I love your Green Chili Corn Chowder! It’s the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

Laura S.

LOVE your soup. Finally a soup without additives. Thanks for making a delicious and healthy product. BRAVO!

Nadine S.

My friend shared some of your butternut squash soup with me and it is amazing! This truly is the best butternut squash I have tried.

Laura G.

LOVE your soup! Thanks for making a healthy and delicious product. BRAVO!

Nadine S.

We love your soup so much! We currently drive about 30 minutes just to get it!

Jennifer W.

Amazing! I have to say this is my favorite soup of all time, even better than mine!

Peg M.

My kids gobble up the Garden Minestrone like crazy. Don’t tell them it is good for them!

Karen F.

I love the Garden Minestrone because of the variety of vegetables.

Meg W.

White Bean = delicious!

Kathy F.

I don’t usually like bean soups but your White Bean with Tomato is amazing! I take it to work for lunch and make all of my co-workers jealous.

Nancy H.

I haven’t been able to decide which is my favorite- Potato Leek or Roasted Tomato Basil. I just finished a bowl of the Potato Leek and it‘s now in the lead…

Don S.

Potato Leek for dinner tonight! So good!

Alanna B.

The Roasted Tomato Basil is the best soup I’ve ever tasted. And I don’t like tomato soup!

Katy F.

It’s official – Tomato Basil is my daughter’s favorite lunch!

Cindy O.

I love your Roasted Tomato Basil soup. Hands down the BEST soup EVER!! I would really like to order it by the case.

Amir L.

I hate to cook. I love to eat your soup!

Richard C.

I was thrilled to see your soup on the shelf in my local grocery store…

Mary L.

My kids love all of your soups. Keep up the good work!

Tracey S.

I love homemade soup and don’t usually have time to make it. This is even better!

Marcus T.

I have finally found a gluten-free soup! Thank you so much for making delicious soups that don’t have flour thickeners – I love your company!

Leslie W.

I love your soups. I’m a vegan, so they are perfect for me!

Crystal N.

We really appreciate the high quality ingredients, organic commitment and keeping the recipe simple!

Shawn S.

I love being able to buy a soup where I can pronounce all of the ingredients!  I have some of your soup in my fridge at all times!

Drue E.

I cannot believe I bought soup from a grocery store that is so good. It is great! I love it! I am already planning to pretend that I made it at my next dinner party.

Caroline K


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