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Red Lentil Dahl Stir Fry
When thrown into a skillet together, ingredients like to mingle. In this healthy weeknight dish, honey and curry meld together deliciously. Select your favorite protein, chop a few vegetables and throw everything into a wok or skillet for a super fast, super healthy one-pot meal! Ingredients: ½  24 oz. tub Boulder Organic! Red Lentil Dahl Soup ½ lb your favorite protein (tofu, chicken, shrimp, beef…etc.) ¼ head cauliflower ¼ zucchini ½ red bell pepper ½ teaspoon
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Boulder Organic | Butternut Squash with Sage
In the mood for something on the salty side? Perhaps it’s a note of sweetness you crave. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose! Combining the subtle sweetness of Butternut Squash  with Sage Soup and the savory elements of chicken apple sausage, this bright, light meal thrives on indecision. It’s the perfect solution when your tastebuds simply won’t agree. Ingredients: 1 tub Boulder Organic! Butternut Squash Soup with Sage 6 oz. Chicken Apple Sausage (brand of your choice) Directions: Heat soup in a
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boulder organic gnocchi
One of our favorite quick weeknight meals is our Roasted Tomato Basil soup. But on nights where we have just a bit more time, we like to kick things up a notch by adding Cappello’s fresh, gluten and grain-free gnocchi and some mozzarella ciliegine to our bowl. Here’s how its done!: Ingredients: (Serves 2) 1 tbsp olive oil 1, 12 oz package Cappello’s fresh gnocchi Pinch of salt 1, 24 oz tub Boulder Organic! Roasted
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Boulder Organic
Woot, woot! ColoradoBiz Magazine, Denver’s leading business publication for the past 44 years, has named Boulder Organic Foods among its prestigious “Made in Colorado” companies list for 2017. “Made in Colorado” recognizes the role that makers – from craft to industrial – play in shaping our local economy and defining the Colorado brand. We’re stoked to be in such good company!  
boulder organic mac & cheese
Can’t get enough butternut squash in your life? Us either. This week we made a simple and scrumptious Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese with our Butternut Squash with Sage soup! Vegan? Gluten-free? Simply substitute a vegan cheese (like Daiya Foods!) and rice noodles in this recipe. Ingredients:  2 cups water 1 cup macaroni noodles (or rice noodles) ¼ lb gouda cheese, shredded (or your favorite cheese! havarti and cheddar work great, too) 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 cup
Boulder Organic Thrive Tribe
We like to consider ourselves team players, so we hooked up with the colossus of crunch, Thrive Tribe, to bring you 3 delicious dips sure to satisfy every hungry souper-fan that graces your living room on Super Bowl game day. Want to kick your Super Bowl party off right? Here’s your starting lineup: Tuscan White Bean Dip with Smoked Cheddar Everyone loves a good bean dip. And this, dear friends, is a great one. But don’t take
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Boulder Organic | escarole | pancetta
Mmmm, so smoky. In this lightening quick recipe, fire roasted tomatoes and pancetta come together in a perfect marriage of smoky flavors. It’s spoon-lickin’ good! Ingredients: 1 tub Boulder Organic! Tuscan White Bean Soup 1/3 cup chopped pancetta 1 cup chopped escarole 1/4 cup fire roasted tomatoes, chopped Directions: Crisp 1/3 cup of chopped pancetta in a sauce pan over medium heat, then add tomatoes.  When hot, add 1 cup of chopped escarole and allow to
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Apple cheddar melt | boulder organic
Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most delicious. Crisp, sweet apples are a perfect pair with sharp cheddar – crunchy and sweet meets rich and tangy. Melt the cheddar to round out the sweetness of the apple and open up the deep flavor profiles of the cheese! Ingredients: 1 tub Boulder Organic! Butternut Squash Soup with Sage 1/2 apple of your preference (we recommend Jazz apples!) Sliced Bread Cheddar cheese Directions: Simply take your choice of bread,
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Boulder Organic | Tuscan White Bean Soup
Allow us to paint a picture of the ideal night in. Imagine this: You, a glass of crisp sauvignon blanc, a warm meal, and an entire evening dedicated to binge watching the newest season of your favorite Netflix show. Sounds like a slam dunk of a night, right? To kick your weekend couch fest off proper, simmer up a bowl of our Tuscan White Bean Soup, add a garlicky baguette on the side, grab your Snuggie, and prepare to veg out in the best
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Boulder Organic Notso Hot Sauce Appetizers
This holiday season, we’ve joined delicious forces with Notso Hot Sauce to give the gift of three mouth-watering, party-ready recipes to the world. They’re perfect for New Year’s Eve festivities and Saturday night ski lodge soirees — really, any occasion that needs some spicing up! Want to bring the heat to your next gathering? Here’s how it’s done: Mini Burritos with Cuban Black Bean Soup What’s better than a colossal, fully-loaded burrito? An adorably crave-able
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