Boulder Organic + Autism Hope Alliance

Boulder Organic Foods is proud to support the Autism Hope Alliance. This organization offers HOPE and HELP to families who are facing all of the challenges that come with the diagnosis of autism. The AHA offers help and support through volunteerism, by educating these families, and giving them financial support. This is an important cause because 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism and many people are either uneducated or do not have access to all of the resources to support a family member with autism. Since 2008 this organization has helped over 49,000 families, which is quite incredible.

The AHA is the first non-profit foundation that supports autism through the natural food industry. One of the resources that they offer is a “Pamper Me Pantry Box” which can be purchased by families and contain a large variety of high end retail products and other natural foods. Another resource is the “Autism Pantry Program” which introduces families to special foods, supplements, books, and many other supplies. The AHA is centered around eating healthy and wholesome foods, and providing the autism community with awareness about how to live a healthier lifestyle. We advocate for the Autism Hope Alliance because we believe that families who are facing these challenges deserve all of the support, resources, and financial assistance that they can get.

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