Our Team

Boulder Organic! foods are brought to you by real, live people - these ones to be specific. And yes, we always smile this big.

Our Team
  • Kate Brown

    Founder & President

    I founded Boulder Organic Foods in 2006 in an effort to bring fresh soup back to the marketplace! I love working with our team as they grow and enjoy the sense of pride that comes with putting out a great product!

    Favorite Soup: Chicken Noodle (I love the chunks of chicken and the gluten-free pasta!)
    Fun Fact: I've had 25 pets in 20 years (I'm an animal lover!)!
  • Greg Powers


    I joined Boulder Organic Foods in 2009 and love this company because I get to work with amazing people while helping create better foods for everyone!

    Favorite Soup: Chicken Green Chile
    Fun Fact: I once ate ten hamburgers for lunch!
  • John Davis

    Operations Director
    Favorite Soup: Chicken Noodle
    Fun Fact: From the river while I'm fishing
  • Jen-ai Stokesbary

    Marketing Director

    I love working here because of the great team and the delicious organic product. I’m a believer! Making organic food, supporting organic farmers, and shifting our food system is good.

    Favorite Soup: Green Chile Corn Chowder anytime and Red Lentil Dahl when I'm cold
    Fun Fact: I love purple potatoes and my little one, Lyle (my own lil' potato!)!
  • Greg Abrahamson

    Finance Director

    I joined in September 2015 and love the hardworking, fun atmosphere. It’s great to be part of a successful, growing team committed to making delicious organic products.

    Favorite Soup: Golden Quinoa and Kale
    Fun Fact: I ride my bike to work almost every day - rain or shine!
  • Darah Coyte

    HR Manager

    I am honored to have joined the company in an exciting growth phase and to be its first HR professional! Everyone here has a great sense of humor, making the ups and downs of a production environment lots of fun.

    Favorite Soup: Red Lentil Dahl
    Fun Fact: I asked for a filing cabinet for my 16th birthday!
  • Laura Godsman

    QA Manager

    I love that I get to wake up every morning and go to work with such a great group of individuals. Everyone is committed to make a wonderful wholesome product and I am ecstatic to be apart of it.

    Favorite Soup: Green Chile Corn Chowder
    Fun Fact: I have a pet corn snake named Flower!
  • Wyatt Miller

    Plant Manager

    I have been honored to be a part of this great adventure and close-knit family since November, 2013. It’s been very exciting to watch the progression and growth of the organic vision that this company exudes.

    Favorite Soup: Broccoli Cheddar
    Fun Fact: I graduated top of my class, receiving the platoon honor man award from the US Marine Corps!
  • Maggie Lowry

    Marketing Manager
    Favorite Soup: Roasted Tomato Basil
    Fun Fact: I dislocated my shoulder on a Slip 'N Slide!
  • Todd Fornelli

    Supply Chain Manager
    Favorite Soup: Vegetable Chili
    Fun Fact: My favorite dinosaur is the Megalosaurus!
  • Pat Wirth

    Sales Manager

    I joined the team at Boulder Organic Foods in August 2014 and hit the ground running! Can’t say enough about the fun, hard-working culture that thrives here.

    Favorite Soup: Chicken Noodle
    Fun Fact: I have so much fun that it doesn't fit into a fact!
  • Beata Globa

    Accounting Specialist
    Favorite Soup: Roasted Tomato Basil
    Fun Fact: I was born in Israel!
  • Kerii McDonald

    Inventory Coordinator
    Favorite Soup: Green Chile Corn Chowder
    Fun Fact: I was born in Japan!